“Exceptio non adimpleti contractus” in Football Labor Disputes

I magine a football player refusing to play a crucial UEFA Champions League match because his salary has been outstanding for a couple of weeks, or because his club delayed payment of part of the sign-on fee. Imagine, instead, a club preventing a player or a coach from training and/or playing or suspending the [...]

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Termination of Contract for Medical Reasons – An overview of the FIFA DRC jurisprudence

S ome recent CAS and national courts jurisprudence have given a new perspective in questions hitherto unanswered at a FIFA level such as the possibility of the player to benefit from certain social rights under national law, the right to ask for compensatory moral damages or the application of the principle of the specificity [...]

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Forgery in football-related disputes

U nfortunately, there are uncountable cases in football disputes in which one of the parties, usually the football player, claims a certain document used in a procedure is a forgery. In most of such cases, the alleged forgery consists in the signature inserted into a document, the amount or the date appearing in payment [...]

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